Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer Swim

Here we are, in another swim season. Every year we start off with a bang, practicing after school each day for the last few weeks of school and transitioning straight into the fast-paced June craziness. This is one of the 'bonus' years for Eli and Maddux; with summer birthdays, every other year they will be at the top of their age group. This means that they opt to practice 'up', but usually still swim with their actual age group. This year, however, they asked Maddux to swim up for half of the meets! She got to participate in several relays (both medley and freestyle) with the older age group.
Eli always swam in events within his own age group, but he remains to be one of the few swimmers proclaiming to enjoy the IM (Individually Medley). He doesn't always finish first, but he loves swimming and his skill set is so impressive.

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