Friday, June 24, 2016

VBX 2016

We say it's gets better every year, but it's true. This year's VBX (our church's version of VBS - including the X-factor and taking place at night instead of during the day) was ah-mazing. The creative forces that work all year to write dramas and create related games and choose fun music and incorporate activities that correspond, all while pointing to the gospel and weaving it through each night...they kind of rock. The experience they create for the kids who show up each year is unmatched. We are so lucky to be a part of it!!
This year Ruby was in one of the preschool rooms. Due to large numbers in the 3year old room, we kept her in the 2-ish year old room. Ruby rocked her classroom; she helped with the group task of making trail mix, had a blast in the jumpy castle, read books, and enjoyed her nights all around. Three of the nights, we came early to see the worship practice so I could take photos of Lehr and the team he was working with. This worked well for Ruby, as she could experience the music while not getting in the way of the actual event. She loved it and mimicked everything!
Maddux had a blast too. She was in a group with a friend who she usually only gets to spend one hour each week with. This week she got three hours each night. Every time I came upon her group she was having fun with the games and the lessons...she got a lot out of it. We drove a few of her friends from the neighborhood to and from each night, so even more time for her to be in her 'happy place'.
Eli really REALLY enjoyed his job. This was the first year Eli got to serve/volunteer instead of participate. He chose to work with the motions team ('dancing' and singing on stage during the worship sets) and the outside games. This meant Lehr picked him up early to arrive at church for a 4:30 rehearsal. From there he was to eat dinner with a group and then hop on stage to do the 'motions' (I call it a dance) to the worship set for each night. Then he would run outside to assist with outdoor games. As they cleaned up the field, he would rush back to the stage to do the final worship set. He took it all very seriously and had a really fun time.
The kids slept in until at least 8 each morning (late for the girls), and smiled so much their cheeks hurt. Life is good.

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