Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Needed Time Away

To say our extended beach weekend was a welcomed change of pace would be a huge understatement. It was much, much needed time.
Time away from running from one therapy to another. Time away from driving frantically between doctor's office waiting rooms. Time away from worrying that Ruby is not meeting milestones fast enough. Time away from trying to wrap our heads around what her IEP notes really mean about the school system and her ability to succeed there. Time away from over analyzing evaluation reports. Time away from watching her with kids her age and unintentionally comparing her, and mindfully taking note of the areas she falls short. Time away from the daily catch-up game.
It was perfectly timed, perfectly given time away from all of that.
It was also much needed time watching Ruby be Ruby. Time watching everyone, EVERYONE, dote on her. Time watching her figure everything out on her own. Time watching her be fiercely independent because she CAN do it (anything and everything) by herself. Time watching person after person do a double take when they see her (not because of her Down syndrome or chemo hair, but because of Ruby), followed by a huge smile as they make eye contact and sincerely tell me, "She's adorable!" or "She's beautiful!" Time watching her play so well on the beach with anyone who occupied her space. Time watching her eat ice cream and watch outdoor movies in an environment that didn't magnify anything 'atypical' about her. Time watching her take in the sand, the wind, the waves, the sun, the noise...all in stride and with joy. Time watching her play on the green each night with kids of all ages, running around and doing somersaults on the grass as the sun went down. Time watching her in all of her glory without asterisk or exception.
It was perfectly timed, perfectly given time watching all of that.

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