Friday, June 17, 2016

Overnight Camp

Eli and Maddux are in a magic summer of qualifying for two separate camps that are co-ed and target both of their ages for the same week/session. Given that each was a camp they both really wanted to attend, and their short overnight stays, we allowed both.
This past week found them at Woodlands camp in North Georgia. We were fortunate enough to line up our camp session with the Marshall boys (meaning all three boys got to bunk in the same cabin with 10 other boys). As it turns out, Maddux didnt' get to interact much with the boys at all, but she still had a blast. She hugged all of the girls (12 others) in her cabin before we left today, and she exchanged addresses with at least three so they could write each other. Maddux also told me that the girl in the bed above hers has a brother with Down syndrome. Apparently she had a picture of her family, and Maddux asked her if he has T21. What a cool connection!
Both kids went on and on about the fun time they had playing outdoor games and doing the water slide and the zip line and and and.... Maddux shared half a dozen 'cheers' with us that her team chanted each day; she was totally in her element.
Eli. He had a great time. Especially because he was with his best friend. I asked him about a photo I saw of a few kids sitting with counselors one-on-one. He smiled and said, "Oh yeah, that was for those of us that wanted to be saved."
Wait...what? We haven't really talked about that a whole lot. We've talked about baptism, but neither has expressed much of an interest at this point. They both seem 'good' with their relationship with God, and it wasn't something we have wanted to push at all.
Eli informed me that after chapel one day the counselors said that if you wanted to stay behind and talk with someone about being saved, you could. He opted to do just that. So so cool...he was all smiles talking about it. And now Maddux is asking about getting baptized. Life is good.

All four kids agreed that this was the most fun camp they've been to, and they want to return next year.

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Elizabeth Nighman said...

Yay for Eli and Maddux! Summer camp is the best!