Thursday, June 16, 2016

Gigi's Camp

What a week! Ruby and I were at Gigi's Summer Camp this week while the big kids were at overnight camp. Even though we were *only* there for four hours each day, I don't think it was any less action-packed than the overnight one the kids went to!
Ruby barely made the cutoff by turning three last week; I was able to volunteer since she could be an actual camper. Each day she did arts and crafts and music and movement with a 'buddy' and all of the other kids.
We had between 20-22 each day; plus one volunteer for each kid and a few extra 'floaters'. In addition to all fo the fun activites planned, there was a special guest each day, related to the circus theme. One day was a clown/juggler/magician (the little kids LOVED him), one day was a gymnastics troup, one day was story tellers/musicians....there was never a lack of entertainment!
Unfortunately, the week caught up with Ruby today and we had to leave Gigi's early due to exhaustion and a potential fever, but for her first summer camp experience, I'm counting it as a success!

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