Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Ruby's Three

Three years...that flew by! This girl has taught us so much about ourselves, our family, and the world around us in those three years. I have a good feeling that she's just getting started too!
The kids and I made her pancakes for her birthday breakfast and then she opened her gift from them (a matchbox car race ramp which she LOVES). We hung around the house playing with her water table and toys most of the day. After her nap, we had pizza (her choice) and then the real fun began.
For Ruby's birthday, we opted to not have a big blowout party, but because so many people love our girl, we wanted to include them somehow in the celebration. Rather than cake, we did ice cream cones (because they are Ruby's FAVORITE), and invited friends in our neighborhood to join us. Lehr also set up a live feed on Facebook so family and friends could watch online.
We had several families over, resulting in over two dozen ice cream cones. I think Ruby's favorite part of the whole night was the birthday song. She got SO excited when we started, and she totally sang her own version along with us.

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