Saturday, June 04, 2016

Therapy Wrap-Up

What a week! We just finished school last week, followed by an extended weekend at the beach less than 24 hours later, only to return to a half week full of more than a regular week should hold!

This week was Ruby's last visits through Babies Can't Wait. As she ages out of that system next week, we had our final sessions with her speech therapist and physical therapist. Without intention, those sessions were back-to-back on the same day. This was bittersweet for us as Ruby has been with Sherri (her physical therapist) since the very beginning. Her first session took place when she was 5 weeks old! Sherri taught me so much throughout the last three years...the way she attacked PT with Ruby helped me shape how I handle all of her therapy, and I will forever be grateful to her for that. No breaks for our girl as she doesn't need them, and she's capable of so much if you just push her. Sherri taught me how to view every activity in Ruby's day as an opportunity for PT, and to this day Ruby is complimented on her form.
Paula came along later in the game, but she definitely gave us some great speech time. The main thing both Ruby and I took away from her is slowing everything down (Ruby tends to get very excited and amped up when playing new games in therapy). We will miss these women!
The day after we said good-bye to BCW, we had an appointment with one of the private therapists we love, Vivian. We are hoping to move to a more consistent, more often schedule with her, as she holds Ruby to her potential. She does for Ruby's speech what Sherri did for her PT skills. Our sessions with her are always full full full, and we are left with plenty of good stuff to work on. This visit found her happy with what she was hearing from Ruby. That doesn't mean she let her off the hook or that Ruby didn't have anything she needed to work on, but it is becoming obvious to everyone that Ruby's words are coming!

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