Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Swim Team

We LOVE Swim Team in our house. This is Eli's third year and Maddux's second, though this is the girl's first year really competing (last year she just got to practice with the team). We started practices the last two weeks of school, after school, and have since moved to mornings. Both kids love the pool, love the coaches, love their team (their friends) and love to swim. Last night was our third meet and both are doing very well again this year.

Eli is swimming in an older age group this year and that means he swims in 5 or 6 events each meet, as opposed to the 2 or 3 he swam in the past. He has really come to love the 100 Individual Medley, which is the one event he actually talked about in a dreading way all year. His butterfly, while not the fastest, has become an area where he seems to be growing quickly; it's really cool to see him find his niche out there. And he and his 3 other 7-8 year old boy teammates are becoming a great little close-knit group.

Maddux is doing really well also. Even though she will still be in the 6U group next summer too, she's already swimming at the top of her team in freestyle and backstroke. One of her friends on the team is definitely faster most of the time, but Maddux is right on her heels and they are leading the 6U girls, for sure. As far as social interactions go, it should come as no surprise that Maddux is getting along very well with her 6U team and the coaches (high school and college age), of course.

Swim Meet nights are very late, as Eli has to compete in one of the very last events, but so far we are loving them. Eli even sought out one of Maddux's events at our first official meet so he could cheer her on. When she came from behind in a relay to get her team ahead (and eventually finish first), he was crazy excited for her: "Maddux, you just BLEW by the other girl!" Of course, Maddux cheers Eli on too, when she's not too busy socializing, that is. We're already halfway through the season...it goes so quick!

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