Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Maddux Sayings

They never stop for her! In the last week, here are a few gems:
  • For our first meet, I overheard the coaches telling Maddux's group what time to be back at the pool. Later, when I asked her to tell me arrival time(s) Maddux just said, "Mommy, I don't know! (in a panicked voice) You shoulda listened cuz I'm a forgetter." 
  • While driving we saw a nice (old) car. I told the kids that it was in mint condition. Maddux asked what that meant and I told her "shiny and with no scratches or dents". She said, "Yeah it is..they must not have any kids."
  • Maddux and I were trying to fill a small hole in the front yard...it seemed like the hole was never ending because of the amount of dirt we put in it. I asked her, "Where in the world do you think this hole goes to, because it's so deep?" She said very seriously, "Savannah".

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