Tuesday, June 25, 2013


If you've been following the saga of Eli's feet for the last year-ish, we have been working to fight off a relapse. Over the summer last year we saw some lack of dorsiflexion (i.e. his heels weren't always touching the ground when he walked) and followed up with the Orthopaedist twice and then ended up in PT with a strong possibility of recasting. Despite the therapist's desire to cast, we fought through with diligent home PT, weekly visits to her, night boots (similar to plantar faciitis treatment splints), chiropractic visits and managed to get a great response from his feet. At the beginning of the summer, we went back to our Ortho and he sided with us (non-casts) given the progress Eli was making, and after all of Eli's hard work, the therapist officially 'released' us today! She asked that we come back in 6-months to check in and make sure we are still seeing progress, but she commented that Eli has made more progress and gotten more flexibility in the shortest amount of time of all of the patients she's treated with feet like his. Woohoo!! Definitely a day of celebration!

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