Monday, June 10, 2013

More Maddux Funnies

With Grandma Cathie in town, the kids are 'treated' to more surprises than usual. One of those surprises was a stop at Target to pick out a toy while we were in the hospital. Maddux chose a Barbie Doll (oh, the horror) that came with a little dog. When she opened the dog, after we returned home, she was inspecting her new toys. I was nursing Ruby across the room, so she asked Grandma for help.

"The dog's name is written on the bottom...what does it say, Grandma?" My mom checked it out but the print was too small for her to read. She told Maddux that if she could spell it out loud, Grandma could tell her its name.

Maddux reads out, "C-H-I-N-A."

Grandma and I laugh out loud and then tell her it says "China". Maddux loves that and immediately starts calling the dog 'China', unfazed by the two of us cracking up.

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