Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Chunky Monkey!

Well, I can't quite call her that, but Ruby DID gain a whole lotta weight in the last 5 days! 10oz, to be exact, which works out to 2oz per day...the pediatrician's office joined me in a celebratory 'YES!' when we set her on the scale today. That puts her at 6 1/2lbs, and, per the Nurse Practitioner/Lactation Consultant, I can relax a little now! It's been a long two and a half weeks of making every single feeding count (which means I'm feeding her almost 12 hours of every 24...yikes!), but it's all worth it because she's less of a 'peanut' and more of 'peanut butter' now. (To keep things in perspective, she is still SMALLER than Maddux was at birth, and she was small too!)

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