Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Big Brother

Wow. Eli is amazing. He keeps saying, "She's so cute!" "She smells so good." "She's so precious." anytime he interacts with Ruby. And he is beyond gentle and loving with her...I have yet to worry when he's holding her or leaning down to kiss her head. It's like he was born to be a big brother...which he already was, but this time is so different. He is a huge help with diapers and everything else.....he never refuses help I ask for, and he often volunteers to help. On an Eli-only note, he has been incredibly 'in control' since her arrival. Things have obviously been different, a little more stressed at times, probably a little more frustrating for the older kids. But Eli has yet to lose it, in the way he does, and he has definitely been tired/overwhelmed/etc. Long story short: he's had circumstances that would normally send him over the edge and he's stayed remarkably calm. Amazing.

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