Friday, October 07, 2016

Speech Update

So many good things happening with Ruby most days. She is talking so much and we are understanding more and more of it all of the time. The sound her myofunctional therapist has been working on for over a month is "s". Ruby has been saying "s" for a long long time, but the primary focus of the myofunctional therapist is correct placement: lips, tongue, teeth. So while Ruby makes it sound fine when she says "s" with her tongue peeking through her teeth, that will relax into a lazy "s" before we know it, so we tirelessly work on getting her tongue up and correctly placed. Ruby does give us many opportunities to do that as she loves to identify letters when she sees them (in books, on clothing, on signs), and "s" is one of her favorites!

Ruby is also 'singing' like it's her job. If she hears one of her songs (she attaches to random songs on the radio), or if I start to sing a song she knows from preschool or therapy, she locks in and owns it. Sometimes she holds her imaginary microphone too. I love that for so many of these songs, especially the preschool or therapy ones, I can leave out words and pause and she'll fill in the blank for me.

Finally, new words are popping out all of the time. I dropped her off at preschool this morning and she hugged me at the door and said, "Bye, mom", totally unprompted and before I said "Bye" to her. She also picked up a more successfully "shoe(s)" this week; she often goes into the mudroom and empties the shelves as she matches and puts on all of our shoes. This week she's been naming them: "E-i. shooo. Addy. shoo. Mum. shoo. Ax. shoo." And her approximation on a few names from her class are starting to happen as well.

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