Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Maddux - My Love

Oh that girl.
As of late, I've been able to sneak little moments with her: before bed, after school while Ruby's napping, running errands. Random, unexpected moments that pop up when we definitely didn't plan them, but they allow for conversations. Thank you, God, for that.
Maddux is one who changes her mind about things often. Within a month she told me she did NOT want to go to Eli's school when she started 6th grade for the sole reason of not wanting to wear a uniform, only to reverse her story and tell me she definitely wanted to attend so that she could wear a uniform. And she seemed to have no recollection of ever feeling differently about it. That being said, she has some things at her core that I love and that seem to remain, regardless of the season  we're in.
Maddux wants to adopt. Dogs and kids. She's long since asked for a dog, and she would be an excellent caregiver; we have no margin for another living thing in our house. But she dreams about the day when she can have dogs, and she wants to adopt them. Maddux has also always wanted to be a mom (which means she wants kids). Recently she told me she wanted to adopt her children. We know a few families that have adopted, so it shouldn't come as a surprise to me, but it still reminded me of her beautiful heart.
This girl loves soccer. I'm so glad she asked to play again! Maddux is a dynamo on the field and she has made some fun new friends on the team. We are hoping she wants to play in the spring so that Lehr can coach her team.
Finally, Maddux joined a running club for the first 6ish weeks of school. Once a week after school she would run from 1-3 miles. Though running is not something she usually enjoys, she's fast. REALLY fast. And she had a friend in the club, so she had a good time logging the miles. Two outcomes: she asked to do the running club again and she is the fourth fastest girl for the mile in the entire school. So proud!

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