Saturday, October 01, 2016

Beach Trip

We traveled down to Melbourne for a few days during the kids' Fall Break. It has been several years since we were all down there, but the kids still remembered all of the fun things they wanted to do. Specifically: the beach, pizza, ice cream. Not a bad list. And they were very anxious for Ruby to participate in checking it off.
We stayed with Mom-Mom, traveling over to the beach each morning as soon as we got up. Eli especially loved how 'flat' the shore was; this allowed him to practice skim boarding dozens of times on breaks from the surfboard or boogie board. And Maddux went back and forth between the inner tube and the boogie board the whole time.
Ruby? Well she did it all. She loved the sand, she loved the water, she loved the boards. We managed to stay at the beach each day for at least four hours, pressing well into nap time without any complaints from her.
One night we ate at a restaurant with outdoor eating on a mini 'beach', which allowed the kids to play in the sand. We were sure to stop by our favorite beach side pizza place the last night, putting away the largest pizza we'd ever seen. The kids loved this, especially because we got to walk down to the water while the pizza was being made. That dinner had to be followed up with ice cream at our nostalgic soft serve pit stop.

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