Friday, October 14, 2016

A Day In The Life

Ruby. Never would I have imagined a 3-year-old could have such a full schedule. This girl has anywhere from 2-4 therapy sessions each week with a therapist (and countless at home with me), three days of school each week, gymnastics once week, at least two trips to Gigi's each month, and then there's always a doctor's appointment in there too. When we get a day at home with nothing, it is more than rare, so we try to capitalize on it by staying home and playing in the yard and house all day. Yesterday we had one of those days.

I decided to pull out the video camera to capture just a few minutes of what keeps us busy on those days. This always serves as a good reminder to me of all of the very typical things Ruby does. She loves music and attaches herself to songs without any prompting by me. Ruby loves to feed (and diaper and care for) her baby doll(s). Anything that we do surrounding therapy engages Ruby and she is usually happy to participate. She loves books, and is so proud of herself that she recognizes and names most of the letters of the alphabet. And even though I didn't get to capture too much of it, this girl is having multiple conversations with me throughout our day. She says, "baby" "shoes" "mama" "OK" "whasssat" and so many other staple words to give me snapshots of what she is thinking.

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