Friday, February 05, 2016


Rounds are done, Ruby and I are walking the halls again. She still prefers to push the pole rather than just catch a ride, but now she has a new trick: she pushes at full speed and then does a hop-hop with her feet to jump on and catch a ride. Someone get this girl a skateboard...
Ruby's tolerating the chemo (same exact protocol as Round 5) as well as she ever has: no nausea, no dips in energy, nothing but the picture of health. The doctors expect that her counts may take a little longer to come up this time, as later rounds have the cumulative effect issue, but they expected a lot of things (negative) from Ruby so far that haven't come to fruition, so we'll see.

Once her counts recover (end of Feb/start of March), they will schedule a port removal. We wait until then because she will likely need blood products and/or antibiotics through the port during count recover, so they like to leave it in until that is finished. After that, she will have a CBC (the blood test that triggered her diagnosis) once a month for several months before they gradually move to once every two months, six months, and then annually.

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