Monday, February 01, 2016

The Dress

I could write a blog every day for the next year about the outpouring of love and prayers and gifts and cards that have been showered on Ruby and our whole family. Even now, six months later, we still receive things in her mailbox and on our front porch and in our inboxes that We never would've expected. Today I'm sharing about a special gift we received last fall.
Ruby's red dress. Oh how I love it. It is fancy, it is red, it is over-the-top, it is perfect. Since Ruby was a few weeks old, we have been going to Gigi's Playhouse pretty much every Thursday for group therapy. At least as much for me as for her. The families and therapists we have encountered there have become like family to us. One therapist in particular has four legs. Ouie, a therapy dog, started coming right around the time Ruby started walking. Of course Ruby gravitated to Ouie immediately. John, Ouie's dad, would help Ruby walk Ouie with a leash and always have special attention to Ruby. In addition, when Eli and/or Maddux would tagalong, John always entertained and chatted them up as well. 
When Jon found out about Ruby's diagnosis and long hospital stays, he offered immediately to meet the kids and I at the park and time so that Ruby, and Eli and Maddux, could play with Ouie.
When we attended the Buddy Walk this fall, Ruby was not with us, but her Team was there in full affect. To my pleasant surprise, Ouie and both mom and dad came as well. I love that they came out to support, even with Ruby not there. In addition, they brought along a very special gift. Ruby's red dress, a little black purse, and a bow for her hair.
This was such a great gift because it had nothing to do with Ruby being sick, but everything to do with Ruby being Ruby. In true form, when Ruby puts the dress and the headpiece on, she loves it and carries the purse around with pride.

We are so grateful to have met some amazing people who have been infected by Ruby's spirit.

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