Thursday, February 04, 2016

More Musings

Almost's always the last mile that's the longest. The last month of pregnancy, the last hour of the drive, the last lap of the race.
The last round of chemo.

The chemo itself is only the start of the's always been that way. The full 'round' includes what happens after the chemo: the count recovery, potential fevers, low counts, transfusions, etc. So that means we still have the remainder of February - maybe with an adder in March, in front of us. Not much in the grand scheme of things (we've been at this since August), but still, it's getting through this chemo stay that seems to be taking a while. We've got 3 days/2 nights done...only 5 days/5 nights left.

As always, I have to comment on how *easy* it all is for Ruby. We have no choice but to focus on the hard parts of being a family divided and days spent tearing our hair out trying to keep Ruby from coming separated from her chemo pole. So many parents would love to have the 'stress' of their child having the energy - too much energy - to run full speed away from something they are tethered to... But we quickly adapt to what we are in, and we get used to new normals (even as abnormal as they are), and we find room to complain about it all.

So, until next week, we are spending our days trying to float through the cacophony of the Aflac unit (monitor beeps, nurses in and out of every door 24/7, volunteers making their way through the halls with gifts and books and dogs, the medical team doing rounds, staff emptying trash and changing sheets and trading out sharps containers, and and and....) Trying to find the symphony in it rather than the racket. Good thing Ruby is leading the way because she sees nothing but joy, even in cancer.

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