Monday, February 15, 2016

No Dance For You

For the last several years, Maddux and Lehr have attended a father-daughter dance, either at a local church or at Maddux's school. This year they opted for one at a church because the school one was held the weekend of the Sib Camp.

As luck would have it, the week before the dance, Maddux got invited to a good friend's birthday sleepover on the same night. At first we thought we could swing both, leaving the dance a little early, but after rechecking the times of the dance, we realized it would have to be one or the other.

Of course, Maddux was in tears, unable to choose between two things she wanted to do so badly. In the end, she chose the party, but she seemed most upset that her choice meant Lehr would miss out on the dance.
To take the place of a fancy Maddux-Daddy date, the two got dressed up tonight and went out for dinner and a movie. Maddux took a shower and let me blow dry her hair and apply a little make-up. She promised to let Lehr open the door for her and not run or sit on the floor in her dress.

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