Sunday, January 17, 2016

Speech! Speech!

This girl is starting to take off in the speech department. For reals. She comments on everything, and people other than me are starting to know what she's actually saying! A friend watched her while I went to a doctor's appointment this week and she was blown away by how much Ruby was talking.

The biggest example of this is her reading a book, or singing along with songs on the radio, or talking about her body parts. I am trying to get it on video, but until then, it goes like this. I say a body part (elbow, foot, chin, etc.) and she points to it and repeats the body part. At this time, she can identify about fifteen of them and at least half have a word approximation that is pretty darn close. She also continues to surprise me with random words that come out so clear. Today was "Thank you" and the other day was "umbrella".

This is not speech, but it's OT....Ruby loves to feed herself and often will fuss at me if I try to feed her instead of handing over the utensil. She's also starting to be 'silly' during all tasks, so while she knows what to do, she will play around some times (this happened a few times during the video.) Ruby is still working on keeping her tongue in and lips together while chewing; process improvement :)

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