Friday, January 08, 2016

Friday Updates

Not sure if I mentioned it, but yesterday was crazy good. Great nurse, productive therapy day for Ruby and I, lots of reading, LOTS of walking (PT), and all around great productivity (considering we are sequestered to a small portion of the hospital, mostly in our room). Our ability to get through speech and whatever OT exercises I throw at her definitely depends on Ruby's focus. (Good thing for us, Ruby is usually excited to 'work', whether it's speech or PT.) And yesterday, her focus was great! She napped hard, but was 100% when she was awake.

This morning's rounds were uneventful, as they should be this stay. I asked the Nurse Practitioner we love about how this whole thing ends after she finishes the next round, and it was confirmed that when Ruby recovers from Round 6, she can get her port taken out rather quickly. Music to my ears! I am so eager to get this girl in swim lessons!

The NP also asked me about therapy while admitted, and kinda pushed for us to utilize some while we are here. Apparently OT and Speech will come to see her this visit. (Speech already came this afternoon to check in with her and try to set a plan.) I'm always a fan of getting some additional eyes on what we are doing and what she is doing, but this also brings me some frustration. I definitely intentionally asked during round one, and maybe round two, about how to get services for her while she was here (since she was here for 50 days between those rounds), and I got nowhere. On the other hand, the time in the hospital has allowed me to sharpen my therapeutic skills, at least with speech. And when we are here, she and I usually knock out two 'sessions' each day.

Sidenote: I can't get video of Ruby's antics in the hallway because she tries to push her chemo pole so fast that I need to keep both hands connected to steady and slow it. Here is what she looks like though (no joke):


She seriously puts her feet on the ground, grabs the blue bars and says, "Dooooooh!" (Go) as she starts to walk so fast she's all but running. 

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