Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Almost There!

We're getting closer...the LAST bag of chemo for this round will be hung in about an hour!
Yesterday was very busy, and it went into a late night, so no blogging for me. Between nine and eleven yesterday morning, we had a revolving door. Seriously, SO many people came through here that many times they would be in the room at the same time! It started with an Occupational Therapist, then a volunteer reading a book, then the nurse for vitals, then a Music Therapist, then rounds with the whole team, then a Speech Therapist, then the nurse for Ruby's chemo flush. We didn't leave the room until noon when we got our lunch; that is very unlike us.

Ruby had a good lunch - her appetite has been mostly fine this round - and then we hung a new bag of chemo before she took a nap around two. She didn't nap much longer than an hour, but something is going on with this girl because she was W.I.R.E.D. last night. I started getting her ready for bed around 7:50 (which is later than she usually falls asleep at home), but I was reading books, singing lullabies, rocking her, rubbing her back, doing anything I could to get her to settle down, until 9:50. That's two solid hours. I have never spent that long putting Ruby to bed...seriously. I had a few rough nights with Eli when he was a baby, and maybe one or two with Maddux at some point, but Ruby has always been a quick sleeper, and self-entertainer. The issue in the hospital is that she's hooked up to three lines at night (fluids and chemo), so she tangles immediately when I just leave her in her crib, pulling the tubes tight and freaking me out.

Sooo...we may not be taking a nap today. Between the late nights a few times this stay and the early (for Ruby) wake-ups between 5:30 and 6:30, Ruby obviously has too much pent up energy from being hooked up to a leash. I got her out in the halls several times each day, urging her to push her cart through the halls, but sometimes she just wants to ride, which does nothing to help with the energy.

Everything is still on track for Ruby to go home after lunch tomorrow afternoon. Looking forward to going to school on Thursday!

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