Monday, January 18, 2016


The kids had such a good time skiing last year that it was on their definitely to-do list this year. The only weekend that lined up for us was MLK weekend, but even that had a scheduling conflict on Sunday morning. Most people would throw in the towel given that wrench in the very middle of a three day weekend, but not Lehr. (He's kinda like a Super Dad.)

After Eli played in the worship band on Sunday morning, the three of them jumped into the loaded up car and drove to North Carolina. Since the mountain is only a few hours from us, they got there in time to do night skiing. Then they woke up on Monday and did a full day skiing.

Maddux and Eli had a great time with Lehr, trying even more runs than last time. While it was significantly colder this time than last year, they had the right gear, and the fresh snow made it worth it.

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