Sunday, January 24, 2016


Galatians 6:9  Do not become weary in good work for at the right time, if you do not give up, there will be a harvest.
Total soul bearing here... Too mad and sad and pissed off to do anything productive around the house, so I'm blogging.

Tonight I feel a sadness, a weight, a heavy something. The closest I can compare it to is a grieving, which is ridiculous because Ruby is off of oxygen, her chest x-ray was clear, and she seems totally fine now. (Outside of having a neutropenic fever and cancer and all.) It's that brick-on-your-chest-can't-get-away-from-it something. I know I'll have to find something to watch to get me to sleep tonight to try and distract me, and I'm sure I'll end up with something like Seinfeld. I'm even more sure that I won't laugh.

This is the part of the journey when I find it all catching up with me. I have to imagine it hits at a different time for everyone, but for me, it's this round. Round five. Over five intense months in. This round has been hospital for 8 days, home for 3. ER for the night, home for 7 days. Back in the hospital for at least two days. Four nurse visits for blood worked in there. And best case, we only have to come in one more time for blood products in the few days following this visit before returning next week for another 8 days.

I think this visit is hitting me so hard because of what it comes on the heels of. We've been struggling with the big kids...regular kid stuff, but stuff that I can easily let get to me and weigh me down. Then this little winter storm hit. So instead of bringing them to a Sibling Camp on Friday night, weather cancellations popped up all over the place. So they got off of school early and Lehr got home early and camp was cancelled, so we hung out with friends Friday night. And then Saturday was supposed to be full of a few things I'd planned because they were going to be gone. Instead, we played in the snow, cut Ruby's hair, made dinner and played card games by the fire. 36 hours of absolute family togetherness.

Then the fever hit this morning and changed our weekend, and our day, and my second attempt in a month at a date night with Lehr. Ruby woke up a little warm, but her temperature only needed to be watched, not called in. But then it spiked, so Lehr took her to the ER. And they gave her antibiotics and it went sky high. And then Ruby's breathing got weird and she got very lethargic and sickly. And in an instant things went from great and 'normal' to upside down and scary. And in an instant I was reminded that our life is anything but our own right now; no plans can be expected to stick. (I know I know...there is a life lesson in there, but I'm too stuck in my negativity right now to swim in that.) And in an instant I had to remember how sick Ruby is and how serious things can get in no time at all. All of it, like a cold bucket of water poured on my warm fuzzy family feelings.

And I'm tired of it all. I want to get off of the roller coaster now.

So I'm having to lean. I'm having to cast worries. I'm having to intentionally pray on my go-to verse because this week I have become weary.

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