Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Numero Cinco

Because Lehr is amazing, he offered to take Ruby to the clinic for her fifth admission this morning. Because he knows, out of all of the craziness surrounding Ruby's leukemia, the biggest stressor and 'I can't' for me has been clinic days, for admission or blood products.

I loathe them.

If you think that I've got a great attitude about everything and always seem so positive, catch me on a clinic day and you'll quickly change your mind. Because Lehr is Lehr, this time around I don't have to grumble and complain all day. I can stay home with the big kids tonight and relieve him in the morning after I get them on the bus. (In case you haven't picked up on it, Lehr rocks.)

Ruby's call time was 8AM. If it were me going in with her, she and I would have been called back around 10 for an eventual chemo hook-up sometime around 3, just as I'd gotten her to nap in the clinic chair. Thankfully, Lehr and Ruby saw the doctors first and then went back to be hooked up by 11. Seven days of continuous chemo with a few other chemos dropped in there for about an hour at a time over the seven days. This time next week, she will be back home.

This is round five. Five of Six. I can almost see the finish line now. And Ruby? She hasn't batted an eye at the whole process.

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