Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Whole New World

While Eli has been reading for about a year now, we've recently asked him to read out loud to us more often in the last few months. And the books we've been picking have been ones usually saved for US to read at bedtime. I love, love, love how well he reads and how it's opening his eyes in a new way. He pauses a little more often because I see him reading ahead now, and checking the sentence out before he verbalizes it. And it is my favorite thing when he chuckles at the words, context, or pictures. It's funny because these are books we've read as a family no less than two thousand times. But you'd think from his reaction he'd never seen the books before. And I think it's so cool that Eli can now read totally LONG and non-sensical books like Dr. Seuss that really test his reading ability. No sight-words there, just plain old sound-it-out nonsense! Here is a quick clip of him reading last night.

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