Sunday, July 17, 2011

Maddux Talk

It's time for another update because this girl just keeps them coming. It's like she has no internal filter; she just says everything that comes to mind without fear of how it will be perceived by others. And I admire that. Many of her 'funnies' have come in the way of prayers this month. Love it.
  • I took this kids to an indoor play area about a month ago. The kids played with each other and other kids awesomely for about two hours before I gave them the 1-minute-warning. Maddux replied, "Oh, OK. I better go find another friend." And that she did..immediately.
  • Maddux prayed before breakfast one day: "Thank you, God, for desserts, for Halloween, for birthdays and for marryin'. Amen."
  • Just a few days later, she prayed before dinner, (eyes squinched up): Thank you, God, for spaghetti, cheese, and toilet paper. Amen"
  • Since turning four a few weeks ago, everything she does revolves around how big she is. "Mommy, those shoes won't fit me now: I'm FOOOOUR!"

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