Monday, July 11, 2011

Mommy-Maddux Weekend

Lehr and Eli went to Florida to see the final shuttle launch this last weekend, so Maddux and I had a girls' weekend. I wish I'd had more flexibilty to take her somewhere also, but with a few shoots lined up before Lehr made their plans, we stayed put.

Thursday night we met a new friend of Maddux's for sushi. She and the little boy are similar in age and get along really well. They both ate lots of rice, steamed broccoli, and edemame. Her friend brought a present for her, in honor of her birthday the week before: a beautiful dress.

Friday we ran a few errands, played at the pool, and then ended up meeting CC for dinner. Maddux had a great time entertaining her with her silly songs and coloring skills. We ended up staying at the restaurant well after our meal was finished.

Saturday morning I had a shoot, so one of Maddie's favorite babysitters came over to play for a few hours. They totally 'girled it up', playing ponies and princesses. When I came home we went back to the pool and swam the afternoon away. After a few minutes of down time at home, Maddux got dressed up in her new dress and we went to a new location so I could do a mini-shoot with her. As expected, she accessories plenty, adding sunglasses and a few necklaces. We finished the night with a dinner of pasta (per Maddux's choice) and a little bit of Olivia. The boys returned after church on Sunday...all in all a good weekend.

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