Friday, July 29, 2011


From the time we planned this trip, my mom has been promising the kids that they would all have a sleepover at her house. Five cousins in the same city at the same time calls for nothing less. Last night was that crazy night and it lived up to the hype.

Most of us played a game of croquet outside, pretty high stakes. Then a few select naps took place, due to a sleep shortage caused by camping the night before. Once the kids woke up they went bowling. I don't know the details, but I'm sure it was mayhem and fun, all at once. Dinner was at Red Lobster, a new restaurant to my kids. They loved it and were stuffed by the time they got back in the car(s) to go to Target. Oh yes, there must be a Target Toy Run.

Once home, they all agreed on a movie to watch; Tangled was chosen. (Did I mention it was about 10PM by this time?) Lehr and I were out on a date until 11:30, so we came home to find all kids awake, playing with legos and other things, watching a movie. I was shocked my kids were able to keep their eyes open, but they did. All of the way through the movie which was over somewhere around 12:15. Eli slept in the living room with the boys and Maddux opted to sleep in her regular room on the mattress (she didn't want to sleep with Grandma - I think she was just too tired). It is now 9AM and they both just woke up. Not nearly enough sleep, but the latest they've slept in longer than I can remember.

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