Wednesday, July 20, 2011

VBX 2011

Wow. Another amazing year of VBX. Eli really really enjoyed his second year with the big kids and Maddux had a blast leading the pre-schoolers around again. Lehr led a kindergarten group (and I hopped in to help when I could), and I toured the whole scene, snapping as many pictures as I could. The kids did sack races, sponge races, ropes courses, tug-o-war, and science projects. The theme was "X-Periment" and the kids' goal all week was to discover what the "X-factor" was (Jesus). As always, the creative team came up with awesome dramas and amazing teaching moments through the science lab.

My favorite part was the worship sets. Both kids learned all of the songs and corresponding movements and we practiced them each day, at their request. Their interest in the music was never ending...they couldn't get enough of the CD's I made for their room! I love how much my kids love God and all things about Jesus!

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