Sunday, January 15, 2017

So How's It Going?

Ruby has been in school for a week now, so I thought it was time for an update. To be clear, she hasn't really been in school for a whole week. Even this upcoming one won't be a full five days. The first week we returned to school on a Thursday, last week we missed the first two days due to icing, and this upcoming week is following a 3-day weekend. But if you add all of that together, she's been there for just a few hours short of five school days.

Ruby loves school. Did I mention that? She yells 'coooool' when we pull into the parking lot each day, and she happily walks with me, backpack on, to the front doors where we wait for her teacher each morning. When I pick her up a few hours later, she is walking in line with her classmates and smiles so big when she sees me. After saying, "Mommy" and coming right to me for a hug, she tries to return to her teachers to go back to the classroom.
The first day, the big kids were so excited to have her at the breakfast table with them. Maddux and Eli insisted on 'first day pancakes' for her, and all three had quite the celebration while they ate. In her day at school, she does centers, speech, story time, circle time (with a calendar and weather and some other daily routines), OT twice a week, and snack/lunch. I get a great report at the end of the day telling me how she handled the transitions and each of these areas. She has yet to 'struggle' with any of them. (Again, she loves school.)

The best part? (Or at least one of the best parts, because so far it is ALL the best part.) She is ROCKING the potty thing. Finally we are able to be consistent all day with her visits to the toilet! She started going at the school on day TWO, and she has consistently gone every day since, rarely wetting her pull-up at all. This means she is wearing underwear more at home and having many days where she is dry all day. Her teacher said to start sending her in underwear to school.

Can we all stand up and cheer now?!?!

It's obviously too early to say if this is a good thing in the long run, but for right now, Ruby's new school is a GREAT thing. Even if just for right now, so many prayers have been answered.

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