Tuesday, January 17, 2017


When Maddux was a talkative toddler, she would say all kinds of funny, crazy, sometimes even insightful things, as toddlers often do. I would chalk them up to "Maddux-isms" and was sad they were a phase that would pass.
If you spend extended time with Maddux, you've probably realized that is not the case. This girl still says some of the most bizarre things. Lehr and I often meet eyes over the dinner table as she's talking, making sure the other person heard the same thing.

Unfortunately, I do not take the time to write them all down anymore, so it's hard to recount for posterity. Last night's gem is still in my mind though. We were having a discussion about the upcoming career day at Maddux's school was taking place: what careers will she hear about, what's her favorite from years' past, etc.
Maddux: Mom, YOU should come for career day! You should come speak! You could tell everyone how you take pictures.
Me: I don't know... I'm not sure..
Maddux: No really! You are a photographer. You have a CAREER! My class would love to hear about what you do. And if you come you get free breakfast!
Me: laugh laugh laugh
Maddux: Seriously mom! They will feed you.
Me: So I should go because of the breakfast? Are they going to give me oatmeal? Or is it eggs? I better make sure I like it. What is the breakfast?
Maddux: I don't know. I don't have a career, so I don't get the free breakfast.

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