Thursday, January 05, 2017

A Scholar

Eli's middle school operates in semesters instead of quarters. This is new for him, and we were curious if the doubled time in each grading period would be a bonus or detriment. Whether it's the added time or a shift in his study habits or just maturity in general, it appears the semester schedule is a win for Eli: he made honor roll!
All semester long, Eli appeared to be working hard, spending appropriate time on his school work, even when his extracurricular activities were taking up most of his after school time. And while we can monitor his progress through an online app his school uses, the grades weren't finalized until a few weeks ago. Eli received all A's and one B (in grammar). He is frustrated with that B; he struggled so much with that class, watching his grade rise and fall each week.
Lehr and I are beyond proud of him because we honestly did not help him with school work this fall. We discussed early on with Eli that we are here for any help he needs, but he has to ask. While he occasionally asked for us to quiz him on study guides for tests or quizzes, his assignments and projects were completed without our guidance (and knowledge, most of the time!) Life is good.

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