Friday, January 27, 2017

Keep On Trucking

We are still happy with the immediate outcomes of Ruby's new school situation. This girl is making HUGE strides in potty training - only two accidents total last week! Her verbal skills are improving daily, and she is happy, happy, happy.

It must be noted that Ruby is still a toddler, so she still has the occasional push or hit at school, and if someone is across the room building a block tower, she must run over and knock it down, very joyfully. But overall, she is adjusting well. She loves the kids in her class, she loves her teachers, and she leaves with a smile on her face every day.
However, the new school schedule means Ruby needs to be awake by 6:30am to arrive on time. This is about an hour earlier than she would wake naturally. While she doesn't seem to mind getting up earlier, it does mean that her body has already become accustomed to early rising, so our weekends are now 6AM wake-ups as well. Boo.
Fitting all of Ruby's therapies into her now more-full schedule has been challenging. We had to drop gymnastics, and fitting in both of her private speech therapists is a constant calendar game, but we are starting a literacy tutor at Gigi's Playhouse this week, and we are looking into private PT and/or hydrotherapy.

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