Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Speech Update

As much as I get caught up on Ruby not talking as much as her peers, she is making a lot of progress. When I go through speech cards with her, she repeats (and even reads some of) the words pretty well. She just doesn't use those words on her own in every day situations yet. But she will read: apple, bus, and up on her own with no prompting or pictures.

When we go through the alphabet, Ruby is starting to anticipate the next letter sometimes. She also recognizes a few letters: B, M, O and sometimes E. She is also starting to 'comment' a bit here and there with real words. This last week she has told me 'busss' on two different occasions when we passed a bus on the road. And as we were reading a book this week that mentioned a knee, she stopped, pointed to her knee and said "kneeee!".

Here is a longer video with clips of some of the words that I run through with Ruby each day. She does really well most of the time; this particular day was just average, but you can still see a few that she reads on her own.

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