Thursday, December 10, 2015

Just The Facts, Ma'am

Last night was restless for both Ruby and I. She moved around all night; she often does the first night back in the hospital when she's suddenly hooked up to a line again. We got up around 6:30, which is on the early side for her, so by 10AM, she was already trashed. We managed to play and stay awake for lunch at 12:30, but she was falling asleep eating crackers, so I put her down before 1.

Just before lunch we had rounds. So far the doctors have always been so happy with the way Ruby is responding to the chemo; that is a blessing. This round is the final of the first phase of chemo, and the next two (the FINAL two) rounds are identical to each other. They will include one of the same chemo drugs she's had already and one new one. The continuous drip will last for seven days each time, and the team warns that flu-like symptoms tend to result. Ruby has been crazy resilient to any sick-feeling side effects throughout this process, but these two rounds may be the ones to make her feel less than great. We'll see!

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