Thursday, December 24, 2015

Big Time

When you are in the fifth grade at the big kids' school, you get to go on an overnight trip with your classmates and teachers. For many years now, the destination was Jekyll Island, but after last year's trip, they shut down their school-trip-area for construction. That meant that Eli's class would have to find a new location. Driftwood Beach (right near Jekyll) is where they ended up, and it doesn't seem that anyone was disappointed by that.

The kids had a GREAT time, hiking, walking, even swimming (it was CRAZY warm in Georgia that week) at the beach. They learned a bunch and got a lot of hands-on education on the beaches and surrounding areas. Because of the late booking of the trip, there was not enough space to house Eli's entire 5th grade at the same time, so they did have to split them into two trips. Eli went for the first trip, leaving Monday morning at 5AM and returning on Wednesday at 6PM (thoroughly exhausted, I might add).

While the trip was fun, we did have an issue requiring a phone call home on the second day. Apparently Eli was outside of his cabin (as in outside) at midnight. He was in his PJ's, and he was all alone, knocking to get back in as the door automatically locked when he closed it. He claims not to know how he got out there....likely a case of sleepwalking. While we don't have issues with him randomly sleepwalking at home, he does get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom often enough, and he is not awake when he does that. My only assumption (because Eli is not someone who has shown enough bravery to go outside by himself in the middle of the night, given that he won't go upstairs to shower by himself after dark) is that he got up to use the restroom and being in an unfamiliar place, he ended up outside. Scary, crazy, stressful, but thankfully he woke up before anything happened.

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