Thursday, April 30, 2015

Maddux Says The Darndest Things

Not much set-up needed here. Just another absolutely awesome exchange with my daughter as she prepared for her shower a few minutes ago.
"Please be careful when you take my hair band out. That part still kinda hurts from my bruise."
"What bruise?"
"You remember when i walked into the wall?........well, actually, there are probably lots of them up there because, yeah, well, you know."

I do. That girl walks into walls often. (And, yes, I've had her eyes checked.)

And then she followed that up with a conversation about her Field Day plans for tomorrow. I asked her if she had to partner up with a classmate. She answered yes, but that she wasn't sure if she got to pick her partner or if her teacher would pick. As expected, she told me that if she got to choose, she would pick D (her best friend). I jokingly asked if she thought she'd get to be partners with D if her teacher picks (the two are often in trouble for talking). She laughed and said, "No. Mommy, this is play partners, not 'be quiet' partners.......If it was that, I couldn't be partners with ANYone."
She speaks the truth.

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