Saturday, May 02, 2015

Poster Contest

About two months ago, Eli was given the assignment to make a poster about Benjamin Franklin. He did all of his research and prepared to start putting his final project together just as one of our snowstorms hit. As luck would have it, we already had the poster board at the house, so Eli was able to spend 4 days working on the poster at his leisure. He really did it all himself, outside of some of the gluing. The idea for how to present and all of the research and typing was 100% him.
The final touch we had to add to the poster was an identification paper on the back. I don't remember now the info we needed to include, but apparently that was for the purpose of entering the poster in a contest. During the week that the kids turned their posters in, the National Society, Sons of the American Revolution came to each school to judge the posters and chose 3 winners from each school. Last week they announced the winner and Eli got 1st for his school!!

He was SO excited and we could not be more proud. We also could not be more shocked! Eli put a lot of work into the poster, but this assignment really was a 'non-event' in our house, and Lehr and I didn't even realize it would be part of a contest. Unfortunately, because his poster will now be sent off for a statewide contest, I can't even take a picture of it to show you!

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