Monday, April 27, 2015

Therapy Update

I recently realize something. Even when Ruby isn't racing towards her next milestone, she is still moving in it's direction. Sometimes slowly and silently, so much so that I don't even recognize it at first. That girl....she's amazing.

What can I say....she's all over the place! Ruby is walking constantly, pushing herself to go further and faster everyday. She still fatigues and will 'drop' to a seated position when her legs run out of steam, but she is never down for long. Her walk is so fast sometimes that I would almost call it a run. Ruby is also riding/pushing around her new bike. She can totally get on and off of it by herself too, which takes more balance than I thought she had.

Ruby is currently able to sort colors, sometimes even with differing objects. She plays this game with me where I think she understands that the red ball and the red button are both red, but she puts one of them in the yellow bucket just to test me. It's all in the way she gives me this sneaky look as she does it, as if to say, "Your move, Mommy." We are also working on threading big wood beads and pasta onto a cord. She does pretty well with that most of the time.
Random signs keep popping up because Ruby is very interested in mimicking these days. She will sign "cow" and "horse" and "cracker" and a few others, even though they don't have a lot of every day relevance for her. She is making more word approximations when we read books together too....that is very cool. Finally, Ruby is starting to follow 2-step directions. (Ex. Pick up the egg and bring it to me.) To be fair, most of these directions are very predictable and related, so they may not be a fair test. That's to say that when I ask her to pick something up and bring it to me or pick up the cup and put it on the table, the secondary action is often an assumed action after the first. But I'm still giving Ruby credit.

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