Monday, April 13, 2015

Junior Golf Course

Eli has long since enjoyed the sport of golf. Lehr sawed off an old golf club when Eli was younger - maybe four - and Eli's been putting and hitting around the yard every since. Whenever Grandpa Jim and Eli are together, they go to the driving range, and the last few times have resulted in 9 or 18 holes.
When Masters week rolls around, Eli's fondness for the game increases, as one might expect. This year it was heightened even more because a visit from Grandpa Jim coincided with Masters week. So not only did they visit the local par 3 course, they also created a course in our front and back yard. It was all Eli's idea (so I've been told), but Grandpa definitely helped in the manifestation.
So El's "Junior Golf Course" includes a sign, tee markers for each of the ten (five, repeated) holes, and a flagged 'hole' in the front yard. Eli chose five different spots in the front and back yard to tee off from, all aiming towards the same hole. He even named one of the holes "Azaleas", just like in Augusta.
While Grandpa Jim was here, there were a few days that the duo had an early tee time. Since then, he's hurried through his homework each day to get four or five holes in before the rain hits, or before soccer practice. On his own, Eli even changes into proper golf attire (a polo shirt and plaid shorts) before hitting the links.

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