Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dinner with Grandparents

While Grandma and Grandpa were in town, Eli and Maddux begged them to go to Ted's Montana Grill. We seriously never go there (maybe twice in their entire life?), but when my mom comes to town, Eli insists on it out of tradition. (Kind of a self-fulfilling prophesy.)

This year it was all four of them, and Maddux and Eli dressed up in their new clothes and all for the occasion. I have been assured that the kids were very well-behaved and chatty in a very awesome way. A few nuggets I heard about afterwards:
  • Maddux asked Grandma, "Can I get the $15 bacon buffalo burger?" I can only imagine that this comes from a conversation I had with them recently about manners when someone else takes you out; we discussed the importance of being aware of how much things cost so as to not order the most pricey thing on the menu.
  • Eli commented to my parents and Maddux that the waiter was great, "He is seriously the best waiter I think I've ever had!" My mom encouraged Eli to tell the waiter, to which Eli refused, likely out of embarrassment. So when he returned to the table, Maddux said, "You are a really good waiter!" When he thanked her ('little lady'), she said, "My brother was going to tell you, buuuuuuut (quick look at Eli, who is embarrassed) he didn't."
  • A conversation about Ruby came up and both kids raved about her as a little sister. Eli said she was the best little sister in the whole world. Maddux said she just loves her so so much. She said something to the effect of, "I know she has Down syndrome, but that doesn't matter cuz she is the best best best." Both kids talked a little about DS with my parents and confessed that they both worry sometimes that people will make fun of her. That's another conversation we've had recently, but I didn't realize it was weighing so heavily on their minds.

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