Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Perfect Pitch

So we're back in the game, and this is a new league for us. Not only can the kids steal bases (actually, they steal a LOT of bases), but the kids pitch also. It is the first time Eli's been a part of a game that has absolutely no adult participation. There are umps and first base coaches, but no adults on the field directing, or backing up the catcher, or pitching to the batter.

Eli received his first opportunity to pitch this last week. He only ended up pitching one inning in his first game, but it was just enough. He handled himself quite well on the mound, not getting too nervous or inconsistent. His team played great defense and helped him have a very successful inning.
About a week later, Eli got to pitch again. This time he had a bit of a different experience. While he had some good pitches, he struggled with getting the ball over the plate at times. Many of the batters that came up against him received a full count before walking; Eli ended the inning with a very high pitch count.
Here is where my boy is starting to show some maturity. A year or so ago, his frustration over not pitching well would have manifested in a sour attitude and it's not likely he would have been able to have any success at all on the mound. Instead, he kept his composure and got out of the inning calmly and humbly. The first thing he told me was, "Well, that was totally different from the last time I was pitcher." Love that my boy is maybe starting to allow himself to learn when things don't go as expected!

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