Saturday, March 19, 2016

Grand Slam

Eli has been back in the Fullers Park fields for less than a month, but it feels like we never left (we took an 18month break to try soccer). Eli is really loving baseball, kid pitch, and his team. His coach is great; we were on a team together several seasons ago and we are so glad he grabbed Eli for his team. (He's one of the 'good ones' that understands the importance of building sportsmanship and confidence into the boys.)
This afternoon's game was a good one, with the momentum shifting a few times between the two teams. Eli played on third and in the outfield, making some solid plays. His best play, however, came during his second at-bat. He hit the ball into the outfield and managed to make it around the bases, sliding into home for a homer. But not just any home run: a grand slam! (The bases were loaded when he hit the ball.)
Eli was so excited that he got a home run, but he didn't realize the four runs it earned until he was back in the dugout and his teammates told him.

Eli had success during his other at-bats, as well: Lehr caught his ending triple on video.

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