Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Jersey

So yesterday's game was a good one for another reason, totally unrelated to Eli. His coach asked me about a week ago if he could get ahold of the file for Ruby's 'logo' to do something with the boys. I obliged and he showed up to the game today with stickers for the boys' helmets.
He talked briefly before handing them out about how we are honoring Wyatt (a boy in the league who is battling cancer) with a patch on their uniforms, and how they have another hero on the team: Eli's sister. The boys all slapped the stickers on their helmets immediately and started trying to give her high-fives. She loved it. The coach and team mom also got Ruby a jersey with her name on it and Eli's number (#1).
The boys called her their cheerleader, their mascot, and their 'bat girl'. She couldn't stop looking at her shirt and pointing to it.

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