Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Carnival

Ruby's school had a mini-carnival today. When the classes attended their 'movement' session, the gymnasium was set up with different stations for them to play with. There was a small bouncy house with a slide, a plastic slide, a big bowling set, bubble wrap on the ground, some hoops and small footballs, some velcro balls and targets, soccer balls and a goal, basketballs and a hoop, a balance beam or two, and maybe a few other things that Ruby didn't make her way to that I'm forgetting.

Parents were invited, so of course I was there! Three other parents and I were standing in the gym, just to the side of the door when the class arrived. Once the door opened, Ruby was the first one in, eyes locked on the bouncy house and yelling in excitement as she walked as fast as possible towards it. She didn't even slow down once she saw that I was there.

I was so overjoyed to get to spend an hour there, hanging out with her class and seeing her navigate part of her day. Ruby did need help on the bouncy house ladder, but other than that, she navigated everything to the extent she wanted to participate (kicking balls, slides, throwing balls, etc.) I forgot a few times that I should be watching for specific deficits, because she wasn't really showing them to me. She shared with a girl from her class (velcro balls). Then a few minutes later when Ruby walked away, that girl ran after her, trying to share back. My favorite thing was seeing her each time we saw someone else do something (slide down or throw a ball): Ruby clapped for them and said, "Yay!". Her smile was "on" the whole time...she was in hyper drive for stimulation.

So funny that the teachers had prepared us to 'slip out the back' while they applied stamps to the kids' hands so that the kids wouldn't be upset that we were leaving them. Ruby barely noticed I was there, let alone got sad when I 'snuck out'. I think she is more sad when she sees me because it means she has to leave school!

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