Thursday, May 28, 2015


We surprised the kids with a long weekend trip to the beach upon finishing the last day of school. The night before the final day, we were eating dinner and I commented how on Friday (the first non-school day) I wanted to just hang out at the pool all day. Oh, and wouldn't it be cool if Daddy could take the day off and hang out with us. We played around with that for a minute or two and then Lehr told them he would, but only if we went to the pool at Watercolor.

Of course, they nodded and said yes (thinking it was a joke, but yay that Daddy was staying home). Then Lehr told them he was serious, that he wouldn't join us unless we went to Watercolor. I told them we should pack our bags then, because I wanted Daddy to go to the pool with us. It took several minutes for them to get it, but they were beyond psyched once they did.
We left first thing Friday morning so that we could make it to the beach just after lunch. Ruby LOVED the ocean...she stood on the shore with the waves tickling her toes for a long LONG time. Then she was in and out of the water a bunch, in the sand a bunch, and then stayed awake until we rode to dinner, walked around, and then came home. In fact, she fell asleep on the bike ride home and slept later than we expected the next day...her body didn't know what to do with all of that natural PT!

Lehr rented a surf board for the weekend, so the kids were up and down on that several times, and out with the boogie board several times, and with the innertube several times. In fact, they didn't leave the water much! Ruby stayed sand-side most of her time, but was very happy to float in the ocean when Lehr would take her. (I'm not as water-happy as the rest of them.)

We rode bikes, went to the beach, rode the waves, ate ice cream on our deck, built sandcastles, went to the pool, ate dinner on the beach, played shuffleboard, walked Seaside, found new pools, ate fish sandwiches, went to two farmers' markets, rode bikes some more, ate breakfast on the porch....I don't think we could have fit more into our weekend trip if we tried!

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