Tuesday, May 26, 2015

New Speech Therapist

Ruby started with another speech therapist last week. For those counting, that makes three that we check in with regularly. (She has one through Babies Can't Wait, one who is a speech therapist and also a T21 mom, who we see monthly-quarterly, and now the new one who is myofunctional.) I know....sounds kinda crazy. We really think Ruby is in a state of big potential surrounding her speech, and all three therapists attack her speech in very different ways. They also get different results from her. I don't mean that when they ask her to say 'yes', she answers differently to each therapist. Instead, one is great at getting her to slow down and focus on the individual sounds, one is great at keeping her pushing ahead and giving word approximations, etc.
So here we are, with a myofunctional specialist who is focusing on individual sounds produced with the correct form. So far Ruby loves her (maybe because she ended our evaluation with a lollipop!). We spent over two hours with her the other day going over what Ruby does and does not do and what our initial goals are.

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